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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
I've known about the loons for a long time. Even I have to admit, the insanity has now boiled over far more than I ever thought possible. These people, and they're about 20% of the country, are complete fucking lunatics.

Here's some background on this former FBI creeps lunacy. Remember, guys just like this FBI turd are who setup Trump and the whole Russian/Collusion bullshit in the first place:
in a small coincidence as i read the above I also had on the DVR a Tucker show from the other day. as I read the link,Tucker was playing a montage of various MSNBC hosts and contributors, including this FBI shitforbrains, each one repeating all this same batshit crazy nonsense while those not speaking all nodded solemnly at The Revealed Truth of the Left.
I dunno, maybe Kitsurfer was right about chemtrails.