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Originally Posted by Germanauto View Post
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no.. and I literally almost included a sentence to that effect as well.

Each time I see a review about Audi.... there is raving about the motor... it's sound.. and the handling in the wet... but in the dry.... there is always disappointment because of the weight and the lack of a sporty feel for AWD in the dry.

It's exactly this concern that I have when it comes to BMW which really seems to be pushing X drive on their SAV (of course), also on their regular models like the 2er, 3er, 5er, and M-Xdrive has now come to the M cars as well..

While BMW does sporty better than Audi... it just seems that BMW is giving in to FWD and AWD for better profits... and forsaking their RWD roots, leaving disappointed enthusiasts in their wake. The review of cars by @joshuastein55. is an excellent example of this. While BMW is giving more credence to it's AWD and FWD rivals by playing into their hands and trying to beat them at their game , BMW is also losing the exact thing that made them successful and differentiated them in the market place to begin with.
That was a rhetorical question.

I agree that BMW has become a lot like Audi, and it's not just because they are doing FWD on some cars. It's the steering, they drive more like Audis now than BMWs of yesteryear.
Just curious, have you test driven any vehicle that you liked the EPS in? Or where it was at least forgivable? (Like the rest of the car was so good you could live with the steering)?

I just ask, cause you even found the Boxster's steering to be disappointing, so it sounds like there might not be many cars out there with steering good enough for your preference.
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