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Originally Posted by joshuastein55 View Post
Just curious, have you test driven any vehicle that you liked the EPS in? Or where it was at least forgivable? (Like the rest of the car was so good you could live with the steering)?

I just ask, cause you even found the Boxster's steering to be disappointing, so it sounds like there might not be many cars out there with steering good enough for your preference.
Yeah I think my expectations are just too high. I liked the M2 enough, I'll have to take a Giulia for a spin to see if it lives up to the hype.

I've read criticism over the years about the current Boxster/Cayman's steering. I think I was a little harsh though, I was expecting more but it was still good enough to the point I wouldn't write off the car. The last Boxster I drove was an S and it was a riot overall. Maybe the lack of power in the base model the other day skewed my overall perception of the car.

I had driven the ATS as a rental and enjoyed the EPS in that. I'm sure the other GM performance products have good EPS as well (Camaro, Corvette, etc.).

My current DD is a 2nd generation Lexus IS, post-refresh. It's also EPS and is surprisingly good. Definitely better than the new 3-series. That wheel doesn't turn with one finger even at the lowest speeds, as it should be.
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