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Originally Posted by billnchristy View Post
I cannot imagine anyone with a monopoly on information not becoming corrupt.

Think about it, what is more powerful than knowledge? They could change the color of blue over a few months and very few people would argue against it.

No matter what side they’re on, it’s dangerous.
Google does not have a monopoly on information. Google has a market dominant position, but there are plenty of source options: bing, DDG, Qwant, Yahoo, Startpage, Wolfram Alpha. Some (eg. Startpage) do aggregate google results within their searches but use other sources as well.

My point is that, like with everything, people who care about facts and information have plenty of opportunity to inform themselves. People who only care about spin that aligns to their worldview seek out sources that will rarely offend that worldview. Google has no impact on that ... it's their nature and you see it in every thread in this sub-forum constantly. There are a percentage of posters who like to engage in fact based debate, and there are many more who solely promulgate their particular worldview irrespective of whether there is any merit to it.