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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
They have near market monopoly. This is the fact. When I worked for a pharmaceutical company that rhymes with Riser that had a 55% market share in the largest small molecule drug, there were howls of corruption, market dominance, market fixing and whatever else people could think of.

Google is dominant in information searches and quantifies and codifies each of their users information. They are the single most dangerous entity on the planet. People need to open their eyes to this.

Here are the actual facts about their market share.
And you missed the point. I wasn't arguing their market dominance.

My point was, and is, that it doesn't matter what the search engine is (or the news source) more people gravitate to sources that support their particular world view. You just have to read these threads to recognize that. The number of people willing to engage in factual debate and have their view influenced by fact or reasoned opinion has a limit. You see it on BM every day. The people beyond that limit are not influenced by results that may or may not be slanted because they ignore them if they do not align.

That makes any perceived bias on Google's part irrelevant (and I do not accept that there is evidence of bias but I do not need to resolve that issue to make my point).