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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post

Google is a predatory databank that seeks to gather all of the info they can whether legitimately or illegitimately. Do you have gmail on your phone? It tracks you everywhere. It isn't just search. It is them planting their data hooks into everything and selling the data to the highest bidder. This is factual.

Remember, if they aren't paying you and you aren't buying the service, you're the product.
Completely different debate that has nothing to do with this thread or this topic. Red herring much? If you want to have a debate about Google or Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft ... start a new thread. That has nothing to do with alleged, perceived, or real bias in their search results.

I don't use gmail and the app's disabled. For anything important Tutanota. I use a combination of search engines, but my default is set to (searx results). I use OneDrive for cloud storage but all my sensitive personal information is encrypted by Cryptomator on both ends. I am not a profit centre for Google so you can stop marginalizing my opinion because of some preconceived notion you might have about my ability to take of myself.