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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post

Google is a predatory databank that seeks to gather all of the info they can whether legitimately or illegitimately. Do you have gmail on your phone? It tracks you everywhere. It isn't just search. It is them planting their data hooks into everything and selling the data to the highest bidder. This is factual.

Remember, if they aren't paying you and you aren't buying the service, you're the product.
True, though pretty tangential to this thread's topic. Plus, there are lots of webmail services out there to choose from if you don't want to use GMail or Google's other services.

gonzo gives us a case study, in fact:

Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
Google has what, 154 offices worldwide? A new campus the size of a small town?
Not just a search engine anymore.

I switched to the Samsung Galaxy powered by DuckDuck and DuckDuck Home now handles all the household helpers.

I made a thread on Google and the impending problems years ago...
Welp, my predictions are here.

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