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Originally Posted by N54Yankee View Post
The right isn’t losing they’re winning all the while the left does it’s damndest to sabotage the system every step of the way. False charges and disgusting claims about judges and other nefarious tactics. The wall is getting built, foreign intrusion is down, two SCOTUS Justices confirmed, many new fed judges on the bench, quite a few favorable decisions made in both courts and the they’re undoing many of obomas executive actions and much more.
Things are pretty good for half the country. One of the best things is watching the left shoot themselves in the foot to try a win in 2020. You are right though, the left has done it’s best to halt the Presidents policy every step of the way. Thankfully they’re failing and looking real bad while doing it.
Again, why is the criteria for success that "Things are pretty good for half the country" which is saying that it is a great thing that our government is actively underserving the other half ?

Congress and The Executive Branch are supposed to be at odds. That is the literal design of our country... The Executive Branch is supposed to be forced to find ways to compromise with Congress and vice-versa.

If this hyper-partisan reality continues to boil our country will surely collapse. As Jesus said... "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." Mark 3:25.

It is a hollow victory if there is no country left...