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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
OK, if Trump will give in to the Chinese and do a bad deal that pretty much let the Chinese have everything they want but we get little in return, what will you think of him. Of course Trump will get a more favorable stock market comes 2020 election so in affect, he did that purely for personal gain.

Will you still have any respect for him?
If he gives in, I will first view him as an ineffective leader who makes promises he cannot keep.

I don't believe Trump is sophisticated or diabolical enough to wage a trade war and then predict its outcome in the financial markets for personal gain and his giving in will probably be to save face.

2016-2019 is unprecedented. Our level of cynicism in the Presidency is such that ahead of incompetence, egoism, brashness, tomfoolery, inexperience, our first thought runs to 'this guy is doing everything to enrich or reelect himself'.

I'm like a one trick pony in all the threads but that's what happens when you subscribe wholesale to the narrative that is fed by the likes of FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.