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Originally Posted by Torgus View Post
China is not doing well. Slowest growth in 26 years. Major problems internally!

Sunday, more money was released to China's banks. Why do that if the economy is growing at a 6 percent rate and everything's fine and dandy? Answer: it’s not growing at 6 percent despite what Beijing says. The Wall Street Journal has looked at a variety of indicators suggesting much lower growth, much higher unemployment and a sharp drop in China's exports to America. Their economy is seriously struggling. <--All the VC money is drying up VERY fast.

Trust me China has serious problems if you actually do the research. If all you read if news stations which say Orange Man Bad, than you probably think China is some how willing the trade war. They are losing by the day and are in serious trouble. Even if the trade war stops I am not sure they will be ok.

Trump should put the pressure on HARD now. We have them almost where we want them.
China is certainly hurting from this and a whole host of other issues.....political, economic and socioeconomic. However, they have an advantage that we don't, which is time coupled with state control. Just like China is experiencing a slowdown, so are we. Our manufacturing and farming industries are in a technical part due to the trade war. Trump has an election to win next year. Xi never has an election again. Ever.

If this is a case of the immovable object versus the unstoppable force, well, one side has the advantage of time and the other does not. I think both sides tap out with some modest concessions which result in a reduction of tariffs.
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