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Cancellation or postponement is what I'm a bit worried about. The reports I've read mentioned high winds. Couple that with torrential downpours and there could be an issue with getting the race started

Here's to hoping we hit the sweet spot with wet conditions!
So what actually happens if it's too rainy to race? Do they reschedule the race for another weekend? I'm guessing not, the logistics would be insane.
Honestly, I'm not 100% sure. I'll have to take a look into it this evening. I know they can award half points if less than 75% of the race distance has been completed. So, in theory, they could do a few laps under the safety car and call it a day. That would probably be criticized quite a bit though.

The only other option would most likely be to cancel the race and move on. As you mentioned, the logistics and planning that goes into a whole years race calendar is quite detailed, extensive and done quite far in advance. They might be able to run the race on Monday (assuming the weather improves), but that would most likely interfere with he tight shipping and travel schedule of equipment and personnel.

IIRC, the Bahrain race was completely cancelled a few years back and so a full on cancellation wouldn't be completely far fetched.

EDIT: if less than two laps are completed, no points are awarded. This would imply that a race can be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.