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Originally Posted by NormanConquest View Post
I much rather we don't do any business with China, their tactics has been harmful to the entire planet and they have not change for the better. Vietnam and India are better potential trade parters and are morally better nations then china.
A few months ago, there was a group of executives representing some of the largest western corporations went to India to see if there were any alternatives in term of cheap manufacturing and they all agreed that the answer was "NO". India just does not have the infrastructures to support large scale manufacturing compared to China. Like it or not, China has been in the making for the last 30 years to get where it is today. In order to replace China, it will take time and I am not sure it's even doable. The best is to diversify so we don't 100% rely on China for cheap manufacturing which is happening right now. A lot of the manufacturing has moved to the surrounding south eastern asian countries but it will take time.

We all love to make China as an bad guy but because all of the cheap manufacturing been going on, their environment has been taking a toll. It's not all rosy over there.