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He touched her arm to say hello, now he is a sex offender

Once again - I offer you the most recent example in extreme government over reach.

What. The. Hell. People.

An awkward 19-year-old male student touched a 17-year-old female classmate's arm on the street during the daytime. He later said he had wanted to make a friend. This rattled the young woman so much that she went to the police.

Subsequently, student Jamie Griffiths was convicted of two charges of sexual assault. Sentencing has not yet commenced, but it is expected that he will receive jail time and be required to register as sex offender.

For. Touching. A. Girl. On. The. Arm.

Now....It does sound like weird behavior. Does it sound like a crime punishable by possible jail time and placement on the sex offense registry? Hell no! Normal or not, touching someone in public on their arm, does not seem to rise to the level of sexual assault. Just because something is abnormal or upsetting doesn't mean it's a crime.

Enjoy the article of another example of government run amok.
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