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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I just don't like tamales

The 2nd or 3rd date with my wife lasted about 36 hours. We made 110 dozen to sell for the boys football fundraiser. They sent the gringo at midnight to go find more husks
Oh, and then I needed to take my contacts off after getting all the seeds out of the pods
The first time I ate a tamale was at a park in Whittier CA when I was 10. The family at the park offered me one and I ate it with the husk on it. I thought it was terrible.

Most of the time I stay away from them but these tamales we made last weekend are really good. Still not my favorite food, but def my favorite tamales. I like posole, great winter food.

I am usually the only gringo at the store we get our meats, husks, hominy, chile, etc. from. Funny though, my lady doesn't like the masa from there so we have to get some specific brand that doesn't have a lot of the stuff that others add like lime juice, or a lot of water, etc. So last weekend all of the stores were sold out of this brand so her dad called around and found an Albertsons that had it in stock. He drove way out to the northeast edge of town which is a predominantly white neighborhood. I was laughing that the only store in town that wasn't sold out was of course in that neighborhood. He bought all of it, said he felt out of place there. Yeah, just like when I go places on the southwest side. Everything is pretty evenly mixed in the middle of town though.

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