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Originally Posted by BMW F22 View Post
Serious question: why Rolex over other brands? From what I know and understand they make so many of them and there are better built brands out there that are cheaper. Is it because it’s probably the most recognized brand?
For me personally- its 3 fold-

1) The last sentence you made is probably a large part of it.
2) I love the way most sport Rolexes look, they aren't overdone or gaudy and they are in my price point.
3) Resale value

Many will say Omega is actually premium to Rolex in terms of build quality... I don't see myself actually wanting one and If I did, I'd purchase a basic seamaster off Jomashop for a fraction of the price...

The only other watch in this price point that I really like is Vacheron Constantin... and its more expensive than Rolex... I don't see myself spending that type of money on a watch almost no one will recognize... in the end its a luxury good no matter how anyone spins it to you... an Apple Watch for $200 will be far more advanced in tech and more accurate, do I want one? Nah

A few things I will add... AP seems to be the rappers choice these days... I only would ever see myself in a basic Royal Oak, all others are super gaudy. Patek would only be the rare luxury models. Richard Mille is offensive in every single way imho.