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Originally Posted by PoorLurker View Post
In all honesty, one of the reasons I dont want to sell my yeezys is because I dont agree with the practice. I am not a hustler.

I was thinking of listing them for basically what I paid for the and then like $10-15 for shipping/handling.

But then people will buy them just to flip them for a couple hundred more or give me non stop hate because "no one" sells real yeezys for basically cost.

You wear size 12?
Agreed. Ive been collecting shoes for about 15-16 years now and never sell my shoes unless its to a friend. My rule is, if i dont get them for retail, I dont want them. If i do get them, Ill wear the hell out of them. People think im crazy for wearing my Pirate black 350's the way i do. I got them for retail so, so i dont see them as $1,000 shoes. I see them as shoes that i bought to wear on the regular.