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I warm up with just the bar on bench, just to stretch out. I tend to grip the bar closer then most because I don't really care about my numbers. My focus has always been on form and really stretching out my muscle bodies. Honestly couldn't tell you what my max bench is. I think last week on incline I got 195 for 10 reps. Again just focused on stretching everything out, if I don't touch my chest it doesn't count. I always bust out laughing when I see blokes throw on more then they can handle and half rep it, gtfo and don't worry about your ego.

Anways I was traveling Wednesday-Friday and the hotel gyms blew. Ended up just running those days, think I managed 6 miles each day. Took saturday off. Yesterday was back/tri, felt really good in there. I think my body really liked the short time off lifting since I rarely give myself a break. This morning was shoulders/biceps. Ate way too much food yesterday due to the super bowl, so felt a little bloated in there. But honestly I feel like that every Monday since I tend to go overboard on Sunday's. Expect to lean out as the week progresses.

Think the fiance and I are planning on a 10k in April. I can already run a 10k without many problems, but I plan to focus on running a little more then next two months. I'd like to be able to hit the 10k in under 45 mins.