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Does it really matter? Why be so critical of BMWs decision to offer products that people actually buy? The true M versions of the X3 and X5 may not be all that engaging to push around a track, but most people who buy any M car never track their cars anyway. Sure, you're selling on the M name with the SUVs, but it's not like the company put in a 500-600hp engine in a bog standard X3/5. There's still lots of development work on these SUVs to make them feel as close to the M cars as they can.

These argument also extend to brands like Porsche. Why do they need all those SUVs? Who cares? Buy the sports CAR you want from either brand and be happy that you still have the option. I was SUV shopping a year ago and the idea of a new Cayanne came to mind. But I just couldn't have my first Porsche ownership experience be in one of their SUVs. You know what? I bought a SUV from another brand!