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Originally Posted by xxForgedxx View Post
I for some reason feel like I am missing something, nutrition possibly has to do with why I am not extremely cut but to be frank I don't care. I'm a college student and don't need to have some psycho diet just to get some more creases in my abs. I just need to perform better on PT tests and in general for when I get pushed to the limit. What am I missing?
What are the criteria for the PT tests? It's hard to give any advice without knowing exactly what you're hoping to gain. Regardless, your chest workouts are going to suffer until your shoulder heals.

I agree with ballinboi that you should lift legs. You're not doing yourself any favors by skipping out on them. Squats, front squats, lunge variations and RDLs are all a good start. Take the time to learn the form with no/light weight so you're doing it right.

You should also vary your routines to avoid plateaus and boredom.
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