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Alright first off, when it comes to your legs, do ironmikes(lunges), mountain climbers, basically the exercises in the FM. When you do them, in place or moving forward, make sure you bring your legs back together at the start point instead of using your momentum to alternate legs. If theres a hill you can find, it would help you greatly with your overall endurance because you can do so many exercises there.

The last PT test I took, back in.....August, with the extended scale was in the 400's. Can't remember the score. I do chest/back on day, then arms and abs the next. If you want to do better with your situps, flutterkicks are useless. I could go on and on, but you're learning and you'll be fine.

You have to understand that everything you do is harder when you weigh more, more injuries are likely to happen, etc. When you're in the Army, endurance is more important than strength. You weigh a lot and I'm guessing from what you've posted that you're not exactly toned. Not to toot my own horn, but when I was weighing 200lbs, I ran 15:30's. I lost 15-20lbs and now I run late 12's. Like I said, everything's easier now.

I start ROTC in Jan and that'll be fun. GL
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