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Originally Posted by xxForgedxx View Post
I am a function over fashion type of guy. I am looking for what I am missing in my workout. I don't do legs because I run a ton between PT 3 days a week with ROTC and the random runs I throw in after my workout.

I for some reason feel like I am missing something, nutrition possibly has to do with why I am not extremely cut but to be frank I don't care. I'm a college student and don't need to have some psycho diet just to get some more creases in my abs. I just need to perform better on PT tests and in general for when I get pushed to the limit. What am I missing?
I'm by no means an expert, but for the past 2 years I've been training in Muay Thai (and some MMA) a few days a week, then going to the gym after and doing weight training. I haven't been to Muay Thai in like 3 months, but I've been hitting the gym more, and I feel like I'm getting stronger/making gains. BUT, as great as these improvements are, I feel like when I was training Muay Thai/MMA I was WAY more functional, and well rounded physically.

I'd focus on your legs more, but I'd really consider some sort of fight training/martial arts which would definitely help out in utilizing your body to it's fullest potential.
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