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Originally Posted by clark192 View Post
Im curious tho, Doug, why do you hit chest and tris on the same day? You work out the tris as a minor muscle when you do chest exercises, and when you target them individually aren't they are already tired from the chest stuff?
Hmm, that's a good question. I don't really know the technical/scientific answer for it. The reason I do it is because my trainer told me to (he is in insane shape, better than the guys from 300) and you find these type of workouts in magazines dedicated to strength/working out.

Plus you could ask the same question about the Back/Bicep day. You're already working out the minor muscle on that day, so I see it as, why not work it out more?

Originally Posted by iamandypark View Post
I think chest and tris are great. Just having an arms day is kinda bs for me...i would feel weak just sitting int he gyma nd doing no compound movements. I do alot of excercises like dips which work chest and triceps. By hitting your triceps on your chest day i think you will also see better gains in strength not only size
Yes, dips are awesome....that is weighted dips. They work wonders. OP get yourself a weighted dip belt, unless the gym you go to has one for you to use.