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Originally Posted by grkmec View Post
Since you asked, here is my two cents:

Way too much focus on flat benching and curling. For someone who's benching in the mid 200's, you should be lat pulling 160+ for 10 reps. You really need to work on your shoulders, back, quads and hams. I would add the following lifts:

1) Incline dumbells or Military dumbell presses - start will low weight and work your way up due to shoulder injury

2) Deadlift

3) Squat

4) Power Cleans

5) Upright rows
Shoulder strength as far as muscle isnt a problem, what is: tendons, rotator cuff etc. I can lat pull more weight, but it pulls at my shoulder. Power cleans are a no go, anything that requires a lot of weight or force suddenly is dangerous