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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
DIET DIET DIET! If you want to lean up and gain muscle you have to eat lean meats and high protein. Unless your genetics are just awesome, then eat whatever you want. And don't listen to any of those adkins, south beach, whatever diets. Eat lean meat, fruits and veggies, plain and simple.

Add incline bench as well. Switch up and use dumbbells instead of barbell. Focus on form first, then weight. You have to work on getting your shoulder stronger, so use light weights.

Dumbbell overhead extenstions.
Cable pulldowns/pullovers


Pull-ups. Wide grip, shoulder width grip
Various rows

Dumbbell Curls:
Hammer curls
Inside Curls - to work the outer bi
Outside curls - to work inner bi

You HAVE TO add a shoulder day. You need to rehab your shoulder back to normal. And to add shoulderdefinition you don't have to use heavy weights. They respond to lighter weight high reps. Watch the huge guys at the gym, they typically use no more than 25lb dumbbells. Most of the guys I see with great shoulders definition use 20,15,10, and 5lbs.


Leg Raises
Decline crunches/situps

You need to do legs. A must.

And as has been said, add leg days and cardio. You have to get cardio

Here's a ton of good excercises listed.

i disagree with the use of incline bench in the op's case. incline bench is a great workout however, it can be very taxing on the shoulders. the op should lay off the shoulder as much as he can until it is healed and that slowly incorporate some shoulder movements. maybe some assistance exercises for the rotator cuff. decline bench will work your chest while working your shoulders minimally.

personally, i think thats too many bicep exercises, if you hit your back hard with rows and pullups your biceps should also have been worked. Keep in mind that there is only ONE bicep. Im not a believer in the inner, lower, upper muscle idea which many people say about chest as well as biceps.

Legs are a must and I think deadlifts are a must.