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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
I understand what you're saying about the incline, but I still think it's important for him to use light weight to help in rehabilitation. But if it hurts him to do even light weight then he should stay away. At the same time the OP should look at seeing a physical therapist if it's hurting him enough.

There's nothing to believe as far as the inner, lower, upper, etc you mentioned. Look at the anatomy of the male body and there is an upper and lower chest. As well as different heads on the tricep.

As far as working bi's, the different routines can have an affect on the different muscle fibers. I added the inner and outer curls to my routine and have noticed a difference in my biceps.

Everyone's different though and won't see the same results. As is everyones reasoning for working out. I started going simply because I was feeling lethargic, as well as being scared for other hereditary reasons. Now trying to get a decent body is up there. May as well.

I work one-two body parts a day. With a minimum of 2 days off. So working my bi's as much as I do is a non issue. It's only too much when the results become diminishing. So far, that's not happening. And I switch up my routine every 8-14 weeks.

I'd look at adding some forearm curls/wrist curls to make your forearms pop. But I don't know what the OP's overall goal is.

Not trying to argue with you. Just speaking on what I've experienced, as well as noting that everyones goals are different. What works for one person, may not work for another. It's all about trial and error.

thats the thing about workingout/bodybuilding/muscle building... it seems that different things work for different people... i respect your opinions