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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
Personally that's what he said, I had nothing to gain by having him proof himself to me. He definitely gained muscle mass, but he still didn't look 180 lbs to me. This is again, his words.

Michael (BoostedBMW) - what do you think of eating fruits like watermelon and orange after working out. I usually work out at around 10-11PM for 2 hours, so it's early in the morning when I get home. I usually get a bit hungry so I eat up slices of watermelon, strawberry, and oranges. I go to sleep at around 3AM or so and wake up at 10-11AM, if that matters. (Yeah, my sleeping pattern is all weird now, lol).
Thats not good man. You shouldn't exercise hours before your sleep. The reason is, after your work out, your body is still going crazy pumping blood everywhere, which makes parts of your brain more alert resulting in a shittier sleep.