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hey fellas i have upped my calories to about 1800-1900 calories which is no problem because i am 23x pounds. You are suppost to eat about 12 calories per pound just to maintain your weight...

I have a question this how it works?

Ok so if im suppost to be eating 3000 calories a day for my weight and im eating 1900 in CLEAN food in the right intervals and size. This means im losing 1100 calories a day.

Im doing 500 calories a day cardio 5 days a week which equates to 2500 calories.

Every 3500 calories is a pound.

So if im cutting out 7700 calories from my diet and another 2500 from working out....does this mean with this current setup ill be losing 3 pounds a week? plus whatever the lip6x dietary pills do for me?

1500 calories was too little and some of you were right i did more research thx for the advice...

Is this how it works? How much extra weight will the pills make me lose if im losing 3 pounds a week doing cardio and eating right?