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Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
I don't get tempted like this anymore, hehe. Wednesday nights is when my friend has a car meet at his shop. I usually cruise down to hang out for an hour or two and head to the gym after since it's nearby. Those guys would each wolf down 4-5 slices of pizza! That's at least 1,000 cals combined.

I do order pizzas, but it's refined to say the least. No cheese, veggie lover with jalapenos and pineapple. Pretty good, surprising!
hmmm thats interesting i never tired it without cheese, i just started to work out again trying to cut down at least 10lbs since i'm not really over weight. although I still get tempted to eat cheese burgers or pizza lol its starting to get better though since its been 2 weeks since i've ate that kinda of stuff