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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
Ok, I will definitely not remember that.

Normally, what I will do when I have eggs is that I'll buy "all whites" by the large container and I'll add a cup of those (24g of protein) to one whole egg so they taste good and have much more protein then fat. Eating whole eggs isn't "bad" for you, but I prefer to take in my fats from other sources.

As far as 3 eggs being too many cals, I would just a lot for that 20-30g of protein in your overall daily intake because pwo its pretty important IMO.
Sounds good. I barely take it ~1,500 cals a day and I'm not starving myself either. I'd figure that my work out burns off at least 600 cals..with the lifting, stretching, shadow boxing and 5-7 mile run, bicycling, etc.

I already bought the eggs from Costco, they're going to be hardboiled later tonight in preparation for tonight's workout.