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Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post
Running 5-7 miles will burn 550-800 calories alone EASILY.
That's what it says on the machine, but I don't take it seriously because the cals measured can be off up to 70%. Every time I go to the gym, I warm up by running 3.x miles in 30 mins..usually at level 3.5 for the first minute, then 6.0 from the 2nd minute to the 20th mark, and 6.5 from that point until the 30th mark, and 2 min cool down at level 4. After everything is said and done, my average time, according to the machine is 10 mins per mile and it's around 350 cals burned.

After the warm up, I get a good session of lifting in. Then it's another 30 mins of either running, fast this time, or get on the bicycle and work on the legs/thighs. I think the key is to have good music. If I didn't have some fast pace songs, I don't think I can keep up, lol.

PS Mike, I started the eggs/fruits routine last night. It made my stomach a bit more quiet, lol.