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Originally Posted by nostrum09
I agree. Off-topic polticial discussions on a site like e90post are better than on-topic political discussion on boards such as and On those sites it's mostly people with the same ideology agreeing on topics (or they simply debate degrees of conservatism/liberalism). Here at least people at polar ends of the spectrum can debate.

BTW, you should check out We need more people there to continue these discussions, and there are already a bunch of e90posters there. Besides, there's a theory afoot that you and I are related somehow, and family needs to stick together! =P
I checked it out ....

Well - I don't know if I should be pissed or proud to be insulted on an american forum I have never visited I could be being insulted all around the world at the moment - on balance I think I'm proud.

Is everyone with moderate views that isn't a neo-conservative related then?

I've got 2 kids, but I'm pretty confident that neither of them can type yet - and they aren't called Nostrum either. It shouldn't be shocking that other people think like me.. by their very nature people with moderate views are in the majority.

The funniest thing is that CMD is still going on about my 'circular arguments' - the main problem being though that he either didn't read my posts - or completely failed to understand them. He also doesn't seem to realise that is was almost certainly posting the PM that got him the ban.

As I said to him at the time the mexican tourism joke contained negative stereotypes of mexican people as 'banditos' and negative stereotypes are the foundation of racism. This isn't hard - it's basic sociology.

I can't see myself posting over there though. It's hard enough trying to deal with this stuff on one forum.