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Originally Posted by pres9544 View Post
wouldn't a person who believed in Jesus follow His teachings? Would you buy a 50K car and spend all you time keeping it clean and posting on the forum. Shouldn't you help the poor (with your time and money) and not worry about the worldly things in life. Its easy the say you are blessed but takes faith to be able to bless others. Just a thought....
You are *exactly* right ... but no "Christians" actually follow the teachings ... it's too hard ... too inconvenient. It easiest to do as you please, claim faith, demand forgiveness, hate, "accept Jesus" and read Revelations.

Real Christians would buy a cheap, practical car and maximize their ability to help their brothers.

Christianity is actually a dead religion ... all we see these days is its rotten corpse. And like anything dead and decaying it can be dangerous to those who get too close.