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The lower, the better. Problem is docs many times want an older persons bp to be higher so they don't pass out. Mine was in that mode. I asked for another doc who realizes I am not your "Average" geezer. I am 73 and very fit. I weigh 140. I take 25 mg of HydroChlorOthiaz and 10 mg of lisinopril.

I take the HYd. in the morning and the Lisinopril after super. In the morning is averages (both arms) around 110/68. When I go to the gym after my time on the treadmill is is around 100/60. My daughter is a Nurse practitioner and she said to not worry about low unless you get dizzy or feel faint in the slightest.

I also do Astorvastatin (20 mg) Brought my total Cholesterol down to 166 and High Density up to 74. Prior to that my cholesterol was 60.

Getting old sucks but I'm making the best of it.

BTW I think Omron bakes the best monitor. Probably the BMW's of monitors.