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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Not cross shopping but rather buying them as additions. Over on Rennlist there is a couple long threads about the ZL1 1LE. Actually more praise than I would have expected, a few members have one in their stable as a track car along side their P-cars(which include GT3ís). I see them all the time at my track days, they are beasts.
Plus the fact that running costs are MUCH higher with the GT3/RS than the ZL1 1LE.

Today, it does seem that the all-out performance cars that are priced in the $50-$75K range are a tough sell. As others have pointed out, many of the new 3-series are not the performance versions, but 320 or 330i.
We should all be grateful for the stellar options we have and that they're even being offered as we know making money is the manufacturers first priority.

Back on topic: Lightning Lap keeps getting better and better every year. We can see the development of each vehicle as the years go by. Who would have thought that an NA, 500hp GT3RS would be quicker around a track than a 918 with almost twice the HP?!?! Hats off to all.
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