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Originally Posted by JamesNoBrakes View Post
Mustang is cheaper, they actually advertise it, it has better ergonomics for visibility. If we were to judge all cars by the same metrics, most of the hypercar/exotics wouldn't even exist, as you could never deal with an aston-martin rear window, but I digress. Most people don't care about performance, they just want to be seen driving a Mustang or Camaro, so they'll buy versions that have skinny tires and drive-trains that aren't intended to be the pedigree of the brand. If you look at the numbers, even for a 3 series, the people buying the "watered down" versions hugely outsell the performance versions, so people don't buy BMWs for performance either.

Ultimately you are right, it's about selling cars. That's why my hat is off to Chevy for focusing on performance vehicles for enthusiasts, over the last 10-15 years it's been the best of times, with the CTS/ATS-V, Z06s, ZR1s, SS, ZL1s, 1LE versions. Ford has simply chosen to not compete in many of these segments.
I would suggest you go buy the said Camaro and stop replying to my post. It's irrelevant what's your personal preferences are. No need to justify your subjective opinions to me.
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