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Originally Posted by WestRace View Post
In term of performance sure but here's the problem. A typical Camaro buyer won't be able to afford a 75K car. Those buyers who can afford a 75K car probably will go for the C8. Most buyers probably buy only them purely for track usage and that's why it will have only limited appeal. Camaro tends to outperform Mustang but Mustangs usually outsell Camaros.
I considered many 75K cars, but none could hold a candle even to the 2SS 1LE performance wise or in terms of the visceral experience. I deemed the ZL1 too much for our roads. The ZL1 doesn't give up much to the ZL1 1LE. The SS 1LE and regular ZL1 still punch way above their class and are far better daily driver cars than a GT3 RS or McLaren. Unlike the old Z/28, these are loaded with all the modern conveniences and nice interior features.

The mustangs haven't been serious about performance, except for the GT350 versions and finally the PP2. You can just look at how long it took them to spec proper tires on the thing. It's been a tough spot for Ford, with the SS 1LE beating the GT350 around a track and damn close to the R version, Ford would have had to undersell the GT350s, which they finally have with the PP2, but it's taken a while and they likely were in no hurry, because it would mean the end of the GT350. The GT350 was supposed to be their ZL1-class car, the race car beyond the regular mustang, but being in-between camaro generations, it gave Chevy the ability to easily best it. It seems like with the ZL1 1LE, Chevy was aiming for the Ford GT, but it keeps up with GT3s just fine too. If they didn't match the Ford, they got real, real close, for an insane fraction of the price. It's like Ford is out of sync and stuck in a reactionary position. Sure, they are coming out with their heavy 700+ HP mustang now, but Chevy already has the C7 ZR-1 and they are starting the game over with the C8.

If you are going to track it, you better have several thousands of dollars for tires, brakes and the miscellaneous costs
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