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Talking sommerrodelbahn(s)...

Slides or Sommerrodelbahn(s)...

Name:  Blombergbahn11220806_1014745195227034_8200682466756672543_n.jpg
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Sommerrodelbahn(s) are cars(or Luge) on tracks(or concrete slabs) that race down a mountain. They are all over Europe. Some are better than others. A decent one is the Blombergbahn near Munich. A cable system will tow you up the mountain... then once at the top gravity takes over. You do have a hand brake... but most people will brave it out and not use the brakes too much.

Blombergbahn Sommerrodelbahn

Am Blomberg 2
83646 Bad Tölz - Wackersberg

Pottenstein sommerrodelbahnen...

Name:  pottenstein  Scharmuetzelbob-003_01.jpg
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There is a nice one near where I live, just North of Nurnberg(NOT near the 'Ring)... In the town of Pottenstein. Its a little over a two hour's drive from Munich. I would only say stop by IF you are in this area. Pottenstein is in the Fränkische Schweiz or "little Swiss". Because the houses are built atop of large rocks and it is quite the charming area. Many Germans come to the Fränkische Schweiz to vacation at. This is also one of the few regions of Germany whee they have found dinosaur bones.

Sommerrodelbahn Pottenstein
An der B 470
91278 Pottenstein

@03:50 Pottenstein sommerrodelbahnen

^^this video also gives you an idea on how great the Fränkische Schweiz area is to visit. Lots of Castles and caves and stuff to do/see.

Fränkische Schweiz...

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Alpsee Bergwelt...

Name:  Alpsee Bergwelt   bledealpcoastlo.jpg
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I saved the BEST two places for last...

The wildest best, sommerrodelbahnen I've seen, its near Lake Constance or the Bodensee as the Germans call it. It's called: Alpsee Bergwelt... and its unbelievable, when you see how big this place is. I would highly recommend visiting this place! Its also open all year round!

Alpsee Bergwelt
Ratholz 24
87509 Immenstadt

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Name:  hasenhorn-rodelbahn.  540505_366550123385746_2013312743_n.jpg
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Hasenhorn-rodelbahn... in the Black Forrest(Schwarzwald) area. This is such an awesome place. Its quite high up on a mountain. Really breath taking views. This is one rodelbahn you won't ever forget! Its located close to Freiburg - the heart of the Black Forrest area where all those German KuKoo Clocks are made. A great area to visit and drive around.

Hasenhorn Rodelbahn
Brandenbergstraße 3
79674 Todtnau

28 turns of fun!