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I think that's shortsighted thinking.

This "tariff war" is another example of the "Art of The Deal".

Politics is a like a game of poker & a game of chess played on a massive scale.

In that regard, he is no different than any other politician.

Despite the constant banter of "he's an idiot", he sure does seem to be effective.

But that's just my opinion.
Effective at what exactly?

Most of what he has done is reverse exec orders that Obama put in place. I don't agree with everything Obama did, but he is reversing everything just to spite him.

aka reversing Dodd-Frank for example. Who is in their right mind would kill that?

My blood boils with the current political BS going on.
To be fair, the 'political BS' is slung quite hard from both sides of the aisle...but it's our choice to look past the BS and see what is truth and what isn't.

I'm glad our government is now pushing for a true free trade, instead of towing the line or trying to make all other governments happy.

Time will tell, but I am hedging my bets that Trump will reduce/remove many current EU tariffs.

Call me optimistic.
An observation of the latest BMW twin kidney grille design:
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