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Originally Posted by yco View Post
Lewis was on 3 wheels in last 5-6 corners only guys out of 18, it wasnt a full lap on 3 wheels..
and thinking Porsches can only achieve like 250-260kmh on Hangar but Lewis did like 230kmh on 3 wheels with the help of gliding on front wing is pretty close to that.. but almost 40 seconds over one lap in qualifying difference is crazy its like being a year faster..
I rode shotgun in a Cayman Clubsport GT4 car (modified to have a passenger seat) and that thing was so fast it scared me! The Porsche RSR is much faster than that car. What I'm saying is that the crippled Merc was even faster than an RSR!!! Crazy.
Whether it was safe or unsafe it's not something I want to weigh in on as I literally do not care 😂 I'm more interested in that car ride Seb had with Otmar 😬