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Originally Posted by EdM5 View Post
Come on guys!

It's called racing

To bring the 3 wheel Merc over the finish was extremely brave and skilful. F1 is so clinical today as compared to the days of warriors like Niki, Gilles (pic), Senna, Mansell, even Schumacher. We desperate need excitement like this.

If they'd given Lew a penalty for this I would have left the sport for sure (and I'm no Hamilton fan boy).
Yes but things have to be looked at in perspective,Gilles back them was barely trundling along and ripped of the back left suspension when scraping into pits.HAM on the other hand was going at a crazy speed well around 230kph? losing control with just 3 good control patches doesn't bear thinking about for his safety and the marshals.
Remember Jacque Villeneuve losing control and marshal fatality?