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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
What does it take to inspire you?

Prohibit abortion, put 10 commandments in every public office, and displace all gays to Alaska?
An inspiring politician is one with an established public policy actively promoting the Human Life Amendment and the marriage amendment. One who has consistently supported the Defense of Marriage Act. One who does not hate the opposition, yet stands firm on these principles. Citizens have many rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, and along with rights and freedom there is an implication of responsibility. There are consequences to wrong action. Society has a responsibility to regulate itself outside of government and to not be unduly hindered by government.

Inspiring is a politician who promotes entrepreneurism for the many rather than only protecting the interests of big business or labor. Taking action to promote legislation which favors the development of small business without regulating, taxing, and burdening them to the point of discouragement would inspire. With opportunity comes the potential for failure. Failure is a good teacher and should not be cushioned by nanny-state federal government.

A commander in chief who serves to protect U.S. national interests in cooperation with allies while not taking unilateral action except in the gravest of circumstances would calm fears. The enemy must be opposed, and armed military conflict outside the defense of U.S. borders must be under declaration of war.

An inpiring politician must be able to speak well in order to gain the attention of the citizens. The public is moved to action by their convictions, not so much by papers, spreadsheets, and data.

This is a start. There is much more that could be discussed.