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Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
Selling my car.. gotta stay in the BMW community somehow!
I guess you don't know about the fact that 675 is a better bike than S1000rr huh?
Originally Posted by Boostin FD View Post
I considered the BMW s1000RR but couldn't get past the hideous headlights. I'm not sure what BMW was thinking when they made such an ugly front. I've heard comments like: "It's functionality over looks" and "Everybody will know BMW is coming". Bunch of BS.

So I made a deposit for Ducati Panigale... Will be picking her up in 2 weeks. Beautiful looking bike.
Do everyone (and most importantly yourself) a favor and EDUCATE yourself on this topic. I am helping you out so you won't come across like an ignorant dildo in the future.