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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I did each twice.

16.1 - I did both scaled and Rx and got 135 reps scaled and 115 Rx. I should have just done Rx first because those walking lunges were BRUTAL on consecutive days...

16.2 - I got 423 reps scaled on Friday then tried it again on Monday and got the exact same thing (both times with about 4 min to spare). I REALLY wanted to get 185 up but I just couldn't do it. I easily pulled it up to my shoulders probably five times but 185 is the same weight I rolled over myself with a few months back so I just couldn't get my brain to let me swing under the bar. Don't want to end up on Tosh.0...

As an aside, all of this deep squat stuff somehow made one of my balls swell up so I'm in a ridiculous amount of pain right now. I hope 16.3 is radically different so I can actually do it. Really don't want to skip a week!!!

How did you guys do?
I did each workout once.

16.1 I thought was a pretty fun workout. Since the reps for the burpies and C2B werent super high you didn't get stuck at one or the other. I should have pushed the gas a little more. I started crossfit in November so I am still pretty new to it. After seeing the 20 minute AMRAP I paced myself too much when I could have got a few more rounds in. 136 Rx.

I went Rx on this and did shitty as hell. I have been pretty decent at the olympic lifts since I have been a long time fan of barbell training but gymnastics is a big weakness of mine. The T2B took me longer than I thought and after that it took me 30-45 seconds to get a solid rhythm in the DU's(a bigger weakness of mine). By the time I got to the 135 lb cleans I managed to make it to 11 before the 4 min hit. I was shocked! I was expecting to get decently far into the 225 lb cleans and I got my ego checked big time Amazed to watch the videos of high level athletes finishing this workout with the 315 lb cleans.

Looking forward to 16.3! Released here in about 20 minutes!