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Originally Posted by Mingwan View Post
Anyone who works out ever lose motivation to hit the gym seemingly out of nowhere? I used to hit the gym 6 days a week with intensity everyday. I went because it felt wrong not to go. Now i struggle to go 2 times a week....ironically, my raw lifting power has increased, but I'm not as toned as I used to be, nor do I have the stamina I had before. I used to look forward to lifting, and I still do, but it takes some effort to go to begin with.
just need to set some goals for yourself. when we lose sight of some end goal that we want to achieve, we don't develop some sort of path to get there. no path means you just end up doing much less than what you're capable of.

set some goals, whether it's the deadlift # you want to hit a month from now, or body fat percentage you want to get at, etc. develop a path to get there, and your body will push you to achieve that goal no matter what it takes.

this is why i've always chosen powerlifting over bodybuilding. if i try to go to the gym just to hit some cable crossovers, or dumbbell flys, or side delt raises, i'll lose interest very quickly. when i set goals on a certain incline bench press i want to hit, or military press, or front squat, i feel motivated to get my ass to the gym and do what i need to do in order to reach my goal.

always have goals

edit: i guess it also depends on personality. personally, i'm a competitive bastard...probably more than is good for my own sake. but, being super competitive means i will never miss a gym day to reach my goal, and i will not accept failing to reach it (i.e., by not getting to the gym)