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As a related tangent - when I graduated high school in '93, the local community college was charging $60/credit for tuition, Michigan State University was, as I recollect, about $120-125/credit.

Since we recently moved back to East Lansing, my wife was considering "auditing" a couple of classes at MSU. Their current tuition rate is between $482/credit and $555/credit hour.

Is there some other industry where the cost has increased 400+% in the last 25 years? I can't think of anything or service that I currently use or buy that has, honestly.
Shown below are the 10-, 20-, and 30-yr average annual tuition percentage increases -- looks to be pretty constant 7-8% over the last 50 yrs. The steep and steady increase in the cost of an undergrad degree is not a recent phenomenon.

I didn't say it necessarily was a recent phenomenon, did I? I simply used a relatively recent time frame as an example.

My point still stands.