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Originally Posted by jillcooper View Post
Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
Oh - also, just so I can get this straight.

You are so broke that you cannot afford your student loans and have to work 80 hours a week to make ends meet.


You drive a $40,000 car?

Hmmmm.....I believe I may have found your problem!

1: Dude, I keep saying this again & again I'm not broke, neither do I need any one's charity. I'm really well off & I'm done with my student loans & living a great life.

2: By what I said in the start It was about the time when I wasn't that well off & was actually going through that shit.

3: I don't get why everyone in this thread is thinking that I'm trying to steal their money or something.

But about whom I'm talking about are the actual people who suffer from this shit.

4: It's not just about you & me In this scenario. It's about the people who end up in burger joints working 80 hours a week paying back their loan while juggling their studies at the same time.

5: I've gone through that shit as many of you have it's not easy. & yeah maybe it's unfair to all the people with "I did it so you should too mentality" But won't it be better if the future generations don't have to do that.

6: Lastly, Germany provides free education & their educational program is the best in the world, with nearly a 100% literacy rate. & they're doing pretty well for themselves, so I don't see the downside to this. & I don't mind paying a little extra so the kids of my country can get educated.

7: And now since I've mentioned "GERMANY" I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be labeled as a NAZI or probably HITLER by the shoot first Ask questions later people.
ummm, item #6 seems moderately ironic