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I am beginning to like CL less and less.

He thinks because he won a few races he is a prima donna. He should have known that he would have half the down force, because of the cars in front of him. Also, his refusal to pit after his team told him twice to do so, is very poor form. Had a carbon fibre piece crashed into LH, forcing him to crash, there would have been serious consequences.

I am no Vettel fan at all, but today it felt good to see Vettel get an excellent result and Leclerc only finishing 7th.

On another note, if Maclaren continues to improve, especially now since they will have Merc engines in 2 years' time, I can see Sainz and Norris challenging for world titles.

F1 in about 5 years will be epic, with Leclerc, Verstappen, Albon and Norris duking it out.