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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
I can't see Lewis not referring in some way to 20 cars using near enough on 105 kilos of special race nitro fuel in the space of under 1.5 hours if he is making a point of carbon footprint. The logistics of teams flying cars,equipment and crews to race locations in chartered jets has been inferred many times by other sources over a long period of time and it's occasional dash to the race locations is hardly a trickle put against the normal daily airline traffic that crosses the globe.
Formula 1 has been carbon neutral for some time, from the cars using fuel on track to moving all of the cars and equipment around the world -

I don't see how it's hypocritical for Hamilton to be a part of Formula 1 and to also promote being more conscious of our consumption. Even if he quit F1, lived in a house built from twigs and mud that he made by hand, and ate only salted yard waste, people would still call him a hypocrite because people suck.

At the very worst, what he's saying doesn't impact you in any way. The best outcome of this is that he helped convince a few people to try changing a few things in their lives to consume less. Every little bit helps.

I remember when a few "adults" complained about kids learning to shut off the water taps when brushing their teeth and telling their parents to do the same. As if that change is such a hardship