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Originally Posted by xxForgedxx View Post
I have to take a PT test on the 9th. I need to run two miles in 16:36 for my age group and it will be outside in PA. The run is a straight concrete sidewalk mile, turn around and run on the same side back. Info for ref:

-I am running on a treadmill, my most recent time was 15:23 on a brand new super high tech treadmill (which I hope is accurate minus the terrain smoothness but the sidewalk is pretty smooth)

-I am wondering, to improve my two mile time FAST should I run as fast as I possibly can the last quarter mile on the treadmill to improve? I am going to run tomorrow, Sunday and Tuesday and then have a 2 day rest of everything for the run next Friday.

-I know I am beating my time by en entire minute on a treadmill but I am worried that variables such as my paranoia, the weather/running outside will force me to tack on time.

-I get very nervous for PT tests even though I have never failed one in my life (knock on wood) but I am wondering if I get into the high 14:00s (14:50) or so if I should feel confident that I can easily pass the run outside so what do you think?

I have the choice to run on an indoor track but I am told that the air is very dry and sucks more than running outside where it may be cold but the air is flowing. I am choosing to run every other day because I am nursing shin splints, if I have enough time in between runs they don't bother me much otherwise I'd be running daily until that bitch.
Like I mentioned in the other post, I too trained for a PFT in February on a 9 degree day. You need to be running outside. Its too late now to train outdoors b/c you need to get your lungs acclimated to the cold weather. I suggest you go out one day this week and run outdoors and see how your lungs handle it...Otherwise I would strongly suggest you do the indoor run since you've been doing the treadmill indoors. It will be just like running on the treadmill since you've been doing it indoors. If you really want to do the outdoor run, perhaps you can postpone the PFT and get out there and get your lungs used to the cold weather. Not to be a downer, but since you've been training indoors, the cold weather is going to hit you like a ton of bricks on your first 1/4 to 1/2 mile.
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