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Because the spy pics indicate there will be few changes, I figure the chances I won't like the LCI car are slim. But yes, always possible and I would hate to get rid of mine and be without one or having to re-buy a used one I like.

If the spy pics are real, it's definitely more than just color combo changes - or why the camouflage. Not like one can't tell it's a Z4.
I look at it like this;

- If there are few changes, why "upgrade"?

- If there are signficant changes, I'm not convinced that I would like them due to the direction they've gone with the 4 series, etc.

.....either way, I'm not seeing any incentive to get rid of a car I like for one that is either substantially the same or different and maybe not in a good way. Couple all that with the loss of options currently and I'd definitely not be interested in selling my car for something unknown.

Thanks for your perspective.

For me, it's not so much an upgrade but getting one of the last new cars at the end of an era (convertible/roadster with combustion engine).
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